Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc. is a family operated business with a combined 100-years-plus of meat buying, processing, and distributing experience.

Our goal is to provide ongoing support for our customers, so we work side by side with our chefs and restaurant owners to establish what it is they need and give them what they want. We provide top quality products, premium services, and personal attention, with ease, to our clientele. We also recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve, so we are always searching for unique products and fresh ideas to bring to the table.

When it comes to beef, aging is key. A combination of wet and dry aging for beef is my preference. Wet aging (In the bag) gives body to meat fibers and flavor, the muscle essentially sits in its own juices in a sealed bag in the cooler. When we remove the beef primal from the bag and set it age in the dry age room out of the bag, fluids in between the muscle fibers evaporates which contributes to a richer, bolder, meatier eating experience.

This is a practice that has been in my family for over 50 years. We are practicing it everyday, refining and perfecting as we go.

Well aged meat will look crimson in color, not bright red as most markets promote as “fresh”.

Fresh meat no good, aged meat GOOD!

We are collaborators with our chefs, we all agree that true meat prep starts way before a chef gets her hands on it”
~ Debbie Rocker

A dry aged export rib yields lovely bone in ribeye steaks like these.
A dry aged export rib yields lovely bone in ribeye steaks like these.
Dry aged Tomahawk Rib Chops come from a dry aged 103 primal
Dry aged Tomahawk Rib Chops come from a dry aged 103 primal
Dry aged Bone-in NY steaks (Delmonico).
Dry aged Bone-in NY steaks (Delmonico).
Volcano short rib
Volcano short rib

What we do best

Dry Aging


Hand cut

Portion Control

Gorund meat

“I have known and worked with many of our cutters since I was just a tiny little meat girl.” ~DR

Special services like custom grinding, pounding, precision cutting, portioning (to the ounce) and more have become a big part of our business:
  • Pounding pork chops
  • Veal chops
  • Chicken breast

Our Best Sellers

The Export

The primal from which we cut bone in and boneless ribeye steaks.

Going to the dry age room:

Dry Aged

Wet Aged

Bone in Ribeye, Cowboy cut – not frenched

The Short loin: (wet aged and dry aged available)

From custom dry aged prime Short Loins we cut, when ordered, Porterhouse, T-bone and Bone in Strip Steaks aka Bone in New York Steaks or Delmonicos.

Porterhouse, Prime

Dry age Prime T-Bone

The Tenderloin, well known as the most tender muscle on the animal, is also cut from the Short Loin.

Whole chateaubriand or tenderloin roast fully cleaned:

Filet steaks or center cut chateaus

Other Favourites

Whole boneless Striploin.

Striploin (New York) steaks available wet and custom ordered dry aged.

Wet Aged

Dry Aged

Custom Grinds, Bulk or patties:

Chicken – Marys (Pitman Farms Calif USA), Jidori (Mao Farms Calif. USA) Pasturebird 100% pasture raised (Murrieta Calif, USA):

Whole or Cut:

Unique and delicious:

Tomahawk Pork Chop belly on, not frenched

Lamb Rack from America, New Zealand, Australia, whole or cut. Double Meat single bone American Lamb Chops:

“My job is to put the best tasting piece of meat on your plate. My passion is finding ranchers who can do this and have compassionate and natural farming practices. Of course these two things go together.”
~ Debbie Rocker