We are the organic meat pioneers.

Since 1996, we have practiced strict standards for animal wellness and the health of the land. The result is the most delicious chicken, turkey, pork and beef ever to cross your palate. What is good for our animals and good for our farms is good for our bodies and great-tasting.

Offer your customers the very best!

Family Farms are the heart of Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie animals are humanely raised in harmony with nature by the same independent co-op of farm families who produce Organic Valley foods. We’ve been leading the way to healthy, wholesome, organic meat since 1996. Organic Prairie prohibits the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides and GMOs. We provide our livestock only 100% certified organic feed and pasture. Animals enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of room to roam.

  • Pasture-based organic farming is gentle on the earth, and provides animals a humane and healthy environment.
  • Our family farmers give their animals room to range freely, and access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Diverse, sustainable farms promote the well-being of animals, soil, rural community, the planet, and you.

Organic Prairie Beef

Organic Prairie Pork

Organic Prairie Turkey