Basilippo Arbequina Gourmet Early Harvest – 250 ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the First Days of harvest in the Estate of “Hacienda Merrha”, only from Arbequina olives. The harvest is done very early, usually the first days of October. About 12-13 kg of olives is extracted to obtain 1 liter of Basilippo Gourmet (normally common producers need only 5 kg).
They focus on the quality, even though it renders less quantity.

Tasting Card

Class: Medium fruity.
Aroma: Fresh green olives, herb, and green leaf. Green tomato, banana, green grapes and apple. Recalls to an artichoke.
Taste: Sweet entry, complex and elegant. Very light bitterness and slightly spicy ending leaving a pleasant sensation.
Aftertaste: Cayenne and green almond.

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250 ml